Why It’s Advantageous to Do Regularly Air Duct Cleaning

A Clean Duct Equals a Healthy Family

Cleaning air ducts is a great way to improve air quality and keep your home healthier. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that dirty air ducts are a major source of dirt and allergens. Because they’re so efficient at moving hot and cold air, they frequently harbor dangerous microorganisms. While these contaminants will never be visible to the naked eye, they can wreak havoc on your family’s health and home comfort. Fortunately, air duct cleaning can help you restore air quality and protect the health of your family. To learn about the advantages of cleaning your air duct, read below:

Prevent Damage to Air Ducts

Air ducts are susceptible to damage from pollutants, debris, and moisture. It’s not uncommon for these pests to penetrate the ducts and feed upon dust particles and other contaminants. When this happens, the ducts quickly deteriorate. As they get older, they require more maintenance, which costs time and money.

Contaminant Removal

It’s been estimated that air ducts can house particles small and large particles. While it may not seem like a big difference, these particles can travel deep into your lungs and eventually into your blood. It’s estimated that up to 70% of these particles are inhaled into the system. Cleaning these particles out of your air ducts is a major benefit of air duct cleaning.

Reduce Allergens

Dirty air ducts contribute to mold growth. Mold is often responsible for allergic reactions and other respiratory diseases. It’s estimated that severe indoor allergies affect numerous people every year, with one out of every three people experiencing it at some point during their lifetime. Using a cleaning service to solve this issue is one of the best ways to reduce allergic responses.

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