Heavy Construction Equipment Types Used by Commercial Construction Contractors

Heavy Construction Machinery: The Best Equipment for Building Construction

For a variety of tasks in huge projects, heavy construction equipment is employed. The scale of the project and the project’s economics will determine which types of heavy equipment are chosen. They facilitate and speed up the building process. The following list includes some of the many heavy machines used by a commercial construction contractor:


An often-used piece of equipment that serves a variety of functions is the backhoe. The term itself indicates that a loading bucket is located at the front of the vehicle and a hoe arrangement is located in the rear. This is quite helpful for digging trenches below the level of the machine. Materials may be loaded, unloaded, and lifted using the front bucket.


Another type of equipment used in construction, particularly for the construction of roads, are graders, often known as motor graders. Its primary function is to level the soil’s surface. Between the front and back wheels, it has a horizontal blade that lowers into the ground when in use. On top of the rear axle arrangement is a working cabin. Motor Graders are also used to level the earth’s surface before installing an asphalt layer, remove extra soil from the ground, remove snow or dirt off roadways, etc.


To dig trenches in the ground, trenchers or trenching equipment is employed. These ditches are typically employed for drainage, cable installation, pipeline installation, and other applications. Chain trenchers and wheeled trenchers are the two types of trenching equipment available. Chain trenchers have a fixed long arm around which the digging chain is supplied. Wheeled trenchers have a metal wheel with digging teeth all around them. Wheeled trenchers work well when excavating layers of hard soil.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are stationary cranes that are employed in the building of tall structures for lifting operations. With this kind of equipment, it is simple to elevate heavy objects to the desired height, including pre-stressed concrete blocks, steel trusses, frames, etc. These include the mast, which is the crane’s vertical support tower, the jib, which operates the crane, the counter jib, which bears the crane’s counterweight on its back, and the operator cabin, from which the crane may be managed.

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