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How Builders Should Inspect Your Home Construction

As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your home is built with the utmost care and attention to detail. To protect your investment and guarantee the best possible quality of construction, it’s important to know exactly how quality home builders should inspect your new home build. There are a number of key steps and checks that must be completed during the construction process to ensure that everything is up to code and of the highest standard.

This guide will explain the importance of home inspections and how builders should inspect your new build in detail.

Checking Foundation & Footings:

The foundation and footings are extremely important for any construction project as they provide stability and support for the entire structure. During inspections, builders should look for any issues with the concrete footings and foundation walls, such as cracks or signs of settling that could lead to future structural problems. It’s also important to check for proper drainage around the perimeter of the home since water can damage your foundation over time if not handled properly.

Inspecting Framing:

The framing of your home is the bones that hold it together and will significantly impact its overall stability. Your builder should inspect the framing for any signs of warping, sagging, or other structural problems. They should also check to make sure that all doors and windows fit properly in their frames as well as the spacing of nails and other fasteners.

Examining Electrical & Plumbing:

The electrical and plumbing systems are essential for any home build and must be properly installed to ensure a high level of safety. During inspections, builders should check all wire connections, outlets, switches, and light fixtures for proper installation. They should also inspect the plumbing system to ensure it’s up to code and not leaking.

Evaluating Insulation:

Insulation plays a major role in keeping your home comfortable while helping you save money on energy bills. Builders should check all insulation for proper installation, ensuring no air leaks or gaps. They should also inspect the attic and crawl space for adequate ventilation to help prevent mold growth.

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