Are Commercial and Residential Construction Companies the Same

Residential Construction Versus Commercial Construction: What Are the Main Differences

The biggest difference between commercial and residential construction companies is in the name. Residential construction involves building houses, while commercial construction involves building the likes of warehouses, industrial facilities, and business establishments. There are various smaller differences between residential and commercial construction projects, and some include the building materials used, funding, permits, and the completion time.

Permits and Building Codes

Construction of any type has to adhere to strict codes and can only go ahead when permits are obtained from a state’s issuing body. The reason for this is that the project proceeds in a safe manner without endangering lives during or after a building’s construction. The codes that teams have to adhere to differ between residential and commercial properties. The reason behind this is that the safety concerns in industrial buildings are not the same as in residential buildings. Also, commercial and industrial buildings are larger than residential ones, making them more dangerous to occupy, more so when heavy machinery will be used in them.


As mentioned above, the building materials will differ in residential and commercial construction projects. Because residential properties are smaller, it means different materials will be used. In the United States, wood is typically used for building houses, while commercial properties are usually built using steel frames and cement. This is because wood is generally cheaper than steel, meaning homeowners can save money. Wood is also sturdy, just as long as it is looked after. That said, concrete and steel are sturdier than wood, which gives commercial buildings a longer lifespan and makes them safer, which is extremely important if a building is being used as a warehouse or a factory.

Lately, many houses across the United States are built using bricks, which can be expensive. Many new-build houses are constructed from concrete, due to their durability.

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